The Australian Shepherd Club of Rogue Valley, Inc.


The Australian Shepherd Club of Rogue Valley (ASCRV) is an affiliate of the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA), but club-sponsored events are open to ALL BREEDS.  MIXED BREEDS are also welcome. You don't have to be a member of ASCRV to participate in any of our events!

Each year ASCRV presents a roster of ASCA-sanctioned Obedience Trials, Rally Trials and Conformation Shows. In addition to sanctioned exhibition events, the club holds "Show-n-Goes", an activity that provides handlers and their dogs the opportunity to practice in a realistic setting without actually entering a competition. Also on the calendar are workshops, seminars, clinics, and training sessions, including instruction in becoming an event official such as Show Secretary or Ring Steward. ASCRV welcomes everyone interested in learning how to help out at our events!

Participating in “kennel club” activities is a great way to meet other dog lovers and for your dog to socialize with other dogs in safe, controlled and relaxed environments. Browse the Index and explore the various pages to get a detailed description of the club and its activities and events.   
More "other" than Aussies line up for Novice Long Sits & Downs
Junior Handler Jessica & her Annie.
Junior Handler Josh & his Mia.
Sandy & her Rainy.